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Peru, Friday, May 30th

Sun, 1 Jun 2008 23:31:31 -0400

Dear Family,

Today is "crunch" day. There will be a multitude of things that will almost always spring up that require immediate attention. To add to the juggling of time, I have been asked to attend a meeting of the local preachers that could have serious consequences. I had to spend the early morning hours getting material ready that might be needed in this meeting. I predicted that it would take until at least to noon. My prediction was off -- we did not get through until 2:45 (non-stop without lunch). I must say that the meeting came to a satisfactory conclusion.

One of the things that is CRITICAL is the buying of medicines. We actually don't need the medicine until the second week. We want it on the first week so we can package and label it and have it all ready when the doctors come on the second week. Well, even though we have sent the medicine list down several weeks in advance, it didn't get started on until yesterday. All it takes is one little glitch and it gets bottled up. That's the case today. I got a call from the doctor that is helping us. She has been helping us since we began purchasing medicine in Peru several years ago. Generally what happens is someone changes the law or a protocol. When that happens, you are back to square one. Well, that is just exactly what happened. NOW, we are being told it will be ready either Monday or Tuesday. Rodolfo Espinoza, our contact man since the beginning of LAM's work in Peru, will be in Lima, and he'll have to get everything ready for us. It shouldn't be a problem other than it's late.

After the preachers meeting, I had to go to the airport and get Alonso Racine, our preacher who will preach the meeting. Fortunately, he arrived on time even if we were a few minutes late.

After moving to the Las Palmas Hotel (one hour away), we had supper, and then I'm on my way to back to the airport.

Each year I try to get permission to go back to Customs to help the team get through it. I have found out that my request submitted by the Ministry of Health has not been approved. Therefore I will not be able to go back into Customs and help the team through. Fortunately, Johnnie LeMaster had his phone and he called me when they arrived. I told him that I need him and others to get everyone through customs. They did and we left the airport.

By the time I got to bed, it was 2:30. WHAT A SHORT NIGHT.

God bless.