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For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matt 16:26

Peru, Monday, June 2nd

Tue, 3 Jun 2008 00:41:04 -0400

Dear Family,

I grew up in the Arizona desert. It's a beautiful place, but in the summer months (June to September) it is constantly over 100 degrees. I have seen it 100 at midnight and the highest I can remember is 122 degrees. I know that there are hotter places in this world, but I can tell you that once it's past 105 it doesn't matter if there is humidity or not, it is just HOOOOOOOOOOT!! I have seen some large temperature changes in a day's time. That's particularly true in April and May. The desert can get quite cold after the sun goes down, and then when it comes up the temperature climbs fairly quickly. Now I told you that for a reason. It was unusually cold Sunday night during the service time. There was a breeze with gusts from time to time that just was plain cold. It was good that I had a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, a vest, and a wind breaker. Sitting in that situation, and not moving can chill you to the bone.

When I got up this morning at 3:45 am, it was still cold out there, but no wind to speak of. As the morning wore on, it was still some what chilly, and I kept every layer on that I had the day before. About 10:30, the Sun started breaking through, and you could instantly sense the change. With in minutes with the Sun out you had to immediately start pealing off some layers. By the time lunch rolled around, it was definitely short-sleeve weather. I have NEVER seen such a drastic change is short a time. I have seen cold that allowed ice to freeze on puddles of water, and then see it slowly warm up to about 60 to 65 degrees at the peak of the day, but NOTHING compared to this.

After devo and clinic set up, the first thing on the agenda was to baptize a member's 12 year daughter. There was talk that another member of that family was waiting to be baptized. By the end of the day (not including the night time preaching services) there were 3 more precious souls added to the Lord's body.

I don't have a "procurer" on this team, so your's truly has had to go out and find stuff for the team. Today was the second day of being the "gopher" and get the needs of the team. Today not only did I need to get some fresh vegetables, and bread, but the maintenance team need some "stuff". I can tell you that finding anything in a hardware store that resembles what we might ask for is truly TOUGH. My list consisted of bailing wire, duct tape, a 500W bulb, Teflon tape, clear plastic tape, electrical tape, electrical wire nuts, two sizes of screws, 1 size of bolts and nuts, a gas can, a 50' garden hose, two 25' tarps, one 10 foot tarp, and a few other things. To my surprise, I found the screws and the bolts and nuts, Teflon tape, clear plastic tape, a gas can, and the 25' tarps. What I thought I thought I would find easiest was a 50' garden hose. It turned out to be the most difficult. You could find hoses that you could cut to length, but none that already had ends on it.

Everyday several of the members whose home was destroyed have come to work in the clinic. One of the ones that I have told you about before is Yolanda. She probably lives the farthest away from the site than almost any other member. Yet, each morning when we open up, she is there to help out. On Sunday, there was a need to have someone to go get some bread. I talked to Paulino about who could go and after talking about several members currently in the clinic area, it was decided that Yolanda would probably do the best. We sent her out and she did a good job. This morning when I took one of the cooks out to the market, I also took Yolanda. She showed the cook around and also bought the needs for the kitchen. This afternoon, the cook section needed some things from the town open market. One of the cooks wanted to go, so I sent Yolanda with her to get what was needed. I heard later that they had a good time and got what was needed.

Well, it' getting late, and 3:45 comes VERY EARLY!!!

Below are a couple of pictures of Yolanda and one of our cooks out shopping.

Keep us in your prayers.

God bless.