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For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matt 16:26

Peru, Wednesday, June 11th

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 23:10:27 -0400

Dear Family,

We have passed the midpoint of the final week. We just have 2 more days left to finish the job we came to do. I'll try to give you an overview as to what took place recently.

MONDAY (Day 17)

Let me regress just a little bit. Keep up with the blog has been a real challenge. It has always been my goal to try and write something every day and accompany it with some photographs. I missed a couple of days last week, and this week I have also missed this past Monday.


When I got back from Lima, my driver, Eloy had purchased a pair of sunglasses. He had another pair but when his car was stolen, the sunglasses and many other personal things went to the thieves as well. When I asked him about the sunglasses, he said it was his Charles Bronson look. He said he wanted a picture of the both of us with our sunglasses on and said that it would be like Charles Bronson and Jack Palance in the Dynamic Duo movie (I don't know the movie, and when put in Spanish, sometimes the title completely changes from the English title). So I have had fun with Eloy calling him Charlie Bronson!

Charles Bronson And Jack Palance


The kitchen is one of the hardest working groups on the team. They are up at 3:30 in the morning and arrive about 4:30 to begin breakfast. They work all day long preparing food (first week was about 120 at the peak; second week was about 206 at the peak). We have had a change of Head Cooks (Dan Whiteman the first week, and Chris Farber the second week) and some of the cooks. But, we have had TWO sisters from Lima who have helped us each year and do a TREMENDOUS job: Isabel and Abigail. They have brought consistency to the work and have provided a chance to get a taste of Peruvian food. I have included a picture of the TRUE "Dynamic Duo".

Two Hard Working Ladies


The clinic has been working very smoothly. The one difference this year is that we are using two Peruvian dentists because our regular got "wimpy" on us (Ok Jimmy you made the blog) and got a doctor's excuse to stay home. Actually, he contracted a very serious lung disease and had not been released to come with us. I called him and let some of the team talk to him. He wanted to be with us VERY BAD!

In all the cases we saw in the clinic, one was particularly bad (that I saw). A young man injured his foot while on a motor taxi (I call them Mosquitoes -- because they have a buzzing sound and they dart all around you in and out of traffic). His foot was in bad shape with a lot of tissue loss. Our docs have been treating him on various occasions. He should heal up, but before he came to us, he was in danger of losing a foot. I have included a picture of it.

A Bad Motocycle Accident

TUESDAY (Day 18)

At the beginning of the morning, I had one of our two interns "shadowing" me to see what I do during the day. As I was starting my rounds in the compound, I was talking to one of the workers. Sarah Dutton, our team secretary AND LAM administrative assistant, came to me and wanted a decision about a request that one of the teachers whose compound we were working in had asked her. It seems that the teacher's mother had accompanied her to the school compound today, and she wanted to be seen in our clinic. Since she had not been previously registered, she had to be authorized to be allowed to be registered. I did so, and she went through the clinic. At the end of the clinic is the pharmacy. We have one of our evangelism workers stationed there to ask if they would like to have a Bible study now that they are through the clinic. We have been having very good response considering that these same people had been asked to study the first week as well. I am told that about 1/3 of the people are accepting the invitation to study. As soon as the teacher's mother got finished, she accepted the study. She was assigned to a study group which began the process of sharing the Gospel with her. It wasn't long until she made a decision to be baptized and begin her new life in Christ. So, this process included me, Sarah, the evangelism worker in the clinic, the study group and all in the clinic process had a part in the salvation of this precious soul. That's why I tell our team each day that NO ONE OR NO JOB IS UNIMPORTANT! Kindness, a great attitude, and a smile can make all the difference as we give those who come into our area a good FIRST IMPRESSION!

A Conversion By Many

Well, that's what happened this day in Ica, Peru. Keep the prayers going up. We have a couple of days left to reach one more soul.

God bless.

P.S. One final note; in the last blog I sent you I failed to mention one picture. I have a picture of what looks like someone climbing over a brick wall. I entitled it "Trying to escape". Stephen Besson, one of our docs, was helping put up the dental area to provide some shade. When tying a wire to the brick wall, it looked like he was trying to climb over the wall. It DOES show the hard work EVERYONE did in making this trip successful. I hoped you like the little bit of humor!

Trying To Escape